MySats is a website that is the central hub of learning at SATS. It is the system that makes online distance learning possible, so you can do all your studies electronically wherever you live. MySats provides you with essential information for studying at SATS, such as the course timetable and instructions on formatting assignments. MySats provides access to all your study materials, allows you to communicate with your course facilitators and other students, and serves as a platform for you to submit your work to SATS and receive feedback and marks.

How do the courses work?

When you enrol for a course, you receive access to the course page on MySats. There you can download the study materials for the course, including the study guide, reader, and assessment details (instructions for assignments, for example). You can participate in the course forum, asking questions or discussing topics of interest. You can view the due dates for all the assessments such as assignments and tests, which you can submit online.

What are the advantages of MySats?

  • One-stop studying. You have direct access to everything you need for your courses
  • Contact with other students.You are able to communicate with other students by using the Course Forum. Since the feeling of isolation is one of the great challenges of distance learning, sharing your journey with other students is a great help.
  • Online assessments.You are able to submit your assignments and take your tests on MySats without any administrative delays. You are also able to see that your work has been received, and receive it back as soon as it has been marked.
  • Improved facilitation.Each course has a facilitator whom you can contact via MySats if you have any queries or problems. Course facilitators may provide guidance to the whole class on the course forum, and make announcements on a dedicated news forum.
  • Paced learning.By assigning due dates for all assignments and completion dates for all courses, MySats helps you to pace your studies in such a way that you are able to complete your qualification in good time by doing one subject in each three-month term. The assignment dates are spread out to make your time-management easy – you just have to work steadily to complete your course.


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